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about infratalk

Project Albemarle offers a quick tour of Albemarle County’s water infrastructure.

Where does our public water come from and do we have enough of it?

How do our various reservoirs inter-connect?

What is the impact of stormwater on our local creeks and rivers?

What happens to household water after it runs down into the drain?

Why do some streams become polluted?

What is the effect of urban areas on local streams?

How are all of these flows of water connected?  How do changes in one system affect the others?

Is the best answer to always put water into a pipe?

This weblog, INFRATALK, will explore the continuing flow of water infrastructure issues in Charlottesville and Albemarle.  We will be literally on the ground (and in the water) looking at site conditions.  We will be investigating projects in other communities that might provide exemplary models for our community.  And we will be taking a glance at some possibilities for the future through the ideas of students at the University.